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Patent Services

  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting Chinese patent applications
  • Filing PCT Chinese national patent applications
  • Patent reexamination and invalidation
  • Patent validity and patent infringement analysis
  • Representation in patent Litigations
  • Patent licensing and assignment
  • Patent search and watch services
  • Patent annuity services
  • Technical and legal documents translation
  • Negotiation for solutions of patent related disputes
  • Advising on strategies for patent protection

Trademark Services

  • Filing and prosecuting Chinese trademark applications
  • Filing and prosecuting Madrid Agreement or Madrid Protocol trademark applications
  • Trademark reexamination, opposition, cancellation and invalidation
  • Trademark infringement analysis
  • Representation in trademark Litigations
  • Trademark licensing and assignment
  • Trademark search and watch services
  • Trademark renewal services
  • Negotiation for solutions of trademark related disputes
  • Advising on strategies for trademark protection

Copyright Services

  • Copyright registration
  • Software copyright registration
  • Copyright transfer and licensing

Other IP Services

  • IP transaction Negotiation
  • Drafting IP licensing and transaction contracts
  • Technology importing and exporting
  • Customs recordal of IP rights
  • Legal Consulting
  • Administrative Enforcement
  • Other IP related legal services